Power bills can be outrageous for a home of this size and caliber—unless it is 100% solar powered, that is. In fact, this 40KW system, which is hooked into the grid, routinely produces overages in excess of $200.00 a month.

Towering redwoods screen the bank of solar panels from view yet give easy access for maintenance. Solar by day, grid by night, and should the power go off when it’s dark, an automatic (propane) generator will kick on and maintain all processes until the sun comes up and the solar panels take over once more.

Other features include:

  • Other sustainable features include multiple potential garden spots with full sun and no competition with tree roots.
  • 175-ft deep well operated by an on-demand pump.
  • A supplemental tank holds ____gallons of additional water as needed.
  • Full in-ground sprinkler system run by the Crestron system.
  • 50-year shingles on the home and shop building.

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